Matt Agan

      I lived abroad for 10 years, with the last 8 spent in England, so you may pick up on my slight English accent. I still spell words like colour, cheque, and aluminium (say it, al-yoo-min-ee-um), although autocorrect keeps me on my toes.

      I like to push the boundaries and be adventurous whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have literally bled to get a shot for someone, which they loved, so it was all worth it.

      I’ve spent the past few winters shooting weddings in Costa Rica and avoiding the New York blizzards. Then I met someone and that was the end of my winter Tan Plan. We moved in together and I now spend my winters racking up lots of air miles. I have since become a coffee mule for a few select people and currently have a year supply of beautiful, aromatic, Costa Rican coffee stuffed into the cupboards of my kitchen. Mornings are very nice at my place.

      I prefer quality over quantity, experiences over objects, and pie over cake.

      Matt Agan