We’ve received your inquiry

I'm honored that you stopped by, checked out my work and decided to reach out. I'll get back to you shortly with answers to your questions. I'll likely suggest we hop on the phone for a chat so we can get to know each other a bit and you can determine if we'd be a good fit. Rest assure I don't do sales pitches, but if you'd prefer to stick to email or text, I'm cool with that too.

We'll have a call

Nothing serious. This is just so we can get to know each other, make sure we're a good fit and allow for some casual Q&A.

Next Steps...

Step 01

We'll make it offical

Once you're comfortable that you'd like me capture your wedding, I'll send a contract to you that outlines everything we agreed upon. After I've received it back along with your signature and retainer, I'm all yours for your date.

Step 02

We'll have a lot of fun

Whether that means walking through a crowded street while random strangers yell 'Congratulations!' at you, stopping for cocktails because the venue needs more time to set up (see photo), or simply getting out of your way and taking candid photos of you having the best day of your life.

Step 03